Handed it on a plate…

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Well it all started with this shower of shite…. They have just handed the EU all the negotiating powers they will ever need to stop Brexit.

You know the democratic vote we took on 23rd June 2016.  Where the majority of people who bothered to vote… voted LEAVE. Continue reading “Handed it on a plate…”


Mistakes made now….

Can’t be rectified later!.. How true is that saying.  Whatever mistakes we make today, we will have to live with the consequences for the rest of our lives.  You can’t turn back the clock.  You can’t unhurt a person’s feelings.  And you can make promises to never commit the same mistake again unless you truly mean it.

Some people will always use the ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I didn’t mean it, but so and so upset me so I took it out on you’, as a means to defend their behaviour.  Others will say those things to get back in your good books, without sincerity, only to repeat the same things a few months later.

People who make promises like pie-crusts, easily made, easily broken, have no intention whatsoever of trying to rectify the situation they’ve created.

These people are toxic.  They are not worthy of your friendship.  And above all they are bloody hypocrites.

In order to forgive and forget you need the other person’s sincerity to heal.  When you are treated badily a second time.  That person had no intention of rectifying their ways.  So they are best cast aside because they will forever and a day, do the same to you again.

There is only one person you have to be true to…. YOURSELF.

Part of FOWC – Rectify Challenge.

Brexit, Brexit, and just in case…

See the source imageA little bit more of Brexit.  Well that is all that is happening.  MP’s denying what the voters voted for.  Just in case you missed the result it was 52% of the vote that is 17.4 million people who got off of their arses and voted leave.

Remainers only have other remainers to blame for the chaos.  If all those that wanted to remain had got off of their backsides and headed to the polling booth and put their mark to remain,then the result might have been different.

For all those that are out there shouting we didn’t vote for WTO … WE DID.  David Cameron told us.

Even Philip Hammond who said ‘WTO is the only honest model’ in 2016 told us that it was the only honest model.

And here we are in 2019 with Hammond now threatening to destroy democracy.

We had a vote, Leave won… so let’s leave and make this country what it should be… Great Britain.  And as for Nicola Sturgeon… the leader of the SNP who has never put herself up as an MP and faced an honest vote as to whether or not she would be elected.  Shut up Nicola.  You say you don’t want to be ruled by the England and Westminster and you want Scotland to be an independent nation, yet shoot yourself in the foot with your next breath by saying you want to be ruled by the EU.

And by the way, you can’t pick and choose, if you want independence don’t expect the pound Nicola.

So far out of all of it.. Boris seems to be determined in leaving on the 31st October, well roll on the 1st November when we will be free.

The truth is if MP’s vote against the Government and deny us Brexit, they have killed democracy in my eyes.  Why bother to vote on a manifesto if they can pick and choose and go against the will of the people.  If Brexit is denied then democracy is well and truly dead in the water.

Turmoil, treachery and utter betrayal.

That is the state of British Politics today.  And why? Brexit! You see back in the summer of 2016 we the public were given a choice.  To stay or remain in the EU, we were told by the Prime Minister that whatever we voted for would happen.

You see the people were disgruntled and the people felt no mainstream party was listening to them. And still till today no one is listening.   There are no two ways about that.  They were fed up with the EU was making the rules and the idiotic rules they were creating.  They were fed up with immigration. We were fed up with politicians saying one thing and doing another.  In fact world-wide, people were fed up with the leaders of our countries. Continue reading “Turmoil, treachery and utter betrayal.”

Fandango’s Provocative Question #13

“Do you believe that size matters? Please explain your response.”

Oh most definitely!  Well the bigger the better, means to me, I sleep more comfortably, and am further away from the snoring, from him-indoors.  Talk about a fog-horn! The animals that sleep in the kitchen even have their earplugs inserted, so they can get a good-nights rest.

So yes a bigger bed is better.  No more sweaty nights during a heat wave.

One question I do have to ask you men is this; Why in the summer do you seem to want to snuggle up and overheat us (as if the hot flushes aren’t bad enough alone) and then when winter comes, you let us lay there and freeze?

So yes, size does matter.  Especially with my six-foot bed.  I can stretch out.  Not be heat-shrunk.  And get a good night’s rest.  And it’s even better once the alarm goes and I get the bigger bed all to myself minus the fog-horn.

It’s all about the comfort! And being as far away from the fog-horn as possible.

In response to Fandango’s Provocative Question.



people usa military patriotism
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A soldier salutes to a superior officer in respect of their rank.  A soldier is trained to respect their superior ranks.  I’ve never been in the forces.  But my training came from my parents.

I, as a child was trained in the following:

  • To say please and thank you.
  • Not to butt-in on a conversation being held by others.
  • To give up my seat on public transport for a person who is elderly or disabled, or a pregnant woman.
  • I was taught you had to gain respect from others and never to expect respect. Respect is something that is earned not demanded.
  • To say hello and goodbye to visitors.
  • To respect my elders.
  • Take care of things, if you break or ruin your possessions, they won’t be replaced.

I think I can honestly say, that when given something by another person or my parents, became instinctive to say ‘Thank You’.  Or if I wanted something to ask, by saying ‘Please can I have ……’.

I think by the end of my toddler years I had gained it, and by the time I went to school it became automatic.  Not once can I remember having my parents remind me to say ‘Please and Thank You’.  Not once did my parents have to plead with me or remind me to sit.

But today it seems, that in some children, these manners have been lost.  Which is such a shame because I think these basic manners are a good starting point for any child to be taught.

The youth of today, some of them have fallen by the wayside.  And those who have fallen, show no respect whatsoever, to not just people to property.  Especially to the elderly.  They don’t have respect for each other, yet alone for another generation.

Teachers in schools, not only fear the children but the parents.  I’ve heard some teachers say, that the parents are worse than the kids.  It pains me to think what type of individuals these kids will produce in the future.  If they haven’t been taught respect and manners, or lived in a family home which prides itself on manners and principles, what hope do the future generations have?

What a sad world we now live in, with some kids not being brought up but dragged up, as my dear mother would say!  Our future looks grim!!


You can’t change the Scent?

Being a couple, to me, means learning to grow and accept one another.  Knowing you have faults and your partner has faults.  And learning to live with those faults.  My mother always used to say ‘A leopard never changes its spots.’  

And she was right!

So it amazes me how some people try to change another person.  And because that person refuses to change, they are the one at fault.  The fault lies with the person who is trying to change you.  Not you!

If you can’t stand a persons faults, it is simple walk away.  Don’t try to make a person something they are not.

You can’t pick a rose and change its scent.  So why would you expect to pick a partner and change their character?

Isn’t this what dating is all about?  Learning to get to know each other!  Faults and all.  And if you can’t stand that person’s faults, walking away and setting that person free to find someone who will love them for who and what they are, is the adult thing to do.  Not make them commit to a relationship and them nag them to change.

So why is it, once you start living together do people think then it is OK to try to change a person?  I can’t understand it.

If people want to change, it has to be because they want to change.  Not because some person is telling them they must change.  Or else.

I am a firm believer that over time we learn to live together, we accept one another’s faults and one of the faults of him-indoors, is his lack of romanticism.  No amount of my nagging will ever turn him into a sop that will throw petals on the floor and light the scented candles, when I have a bad day.

And if he did, he probably knows deep down I’ll be thinking,  ‘That’s another pile of shit I’ve got to clean up.’  Believe me ladies.  If they do throw down the petals I can guarantee it will be you who will be cleaning up the mess.

I am a firm believer that eventually, your true self will emerge.  Just like the clip from Love Actually when the Prime Minister first meets Natalie.  No matter how hard she tried to impress the new Prime Minister, her true self shone through.

A person is who they are and we should accept that person for who they are.  We should love that person faults and all.  Not in a million years should we try to change them.  And neither condemn them when they don’t change.  You are who you are!!  So!!

Don’t fall in love with the flower and then try to change it’s scent.
Love them for who they are!  And NOT for who YOU want them to be.

Bring back the old days!

Is one of the sayings my mum would say on a regular basis.  As a teenager I could not understand what she meant.  ‘Times are changing Mum!’, I would say in rather a condescending voice at times.  Which naturally often got me a right old telling off.

But now this Sixty-Something woman knows exactly how her mother felt.  I love the modern music and there is nothing like doing an arthritic dance to Olly Murrs.  And Alexa has made life a lot easier.. sorry lazier.

I understand now!  I understand why my Mum yearned for the old days.

When women were women and men were men and Political Correctness had never been thought of.


Days when people could say what they liked within reason, without sensitive souls taking umbrage and having a hissy-fit.

When it comes to the scene where Mary Poppins soot’s up her face now being classed as racist; oh my how things have changed and how I wish sometimes I could turn the clock back and have the good old days back, just like my mother wanted.  When common sense prevailed.  And sensitive souls and lefties hadn’t taken over the planet.

Three in a relationship!

Shopping day for me ends with a liquid lunch with friends or a quick coffee in Starbucks or Costa Coffee, before heading back home.

Sitting there alone at the table in Starbucks one day, minding my own business, which is unusual for me, when two girls sat down on the table opposite.

Naturally, phones were attached to their hands and their fingers were tapping on the keypad, when all of a sudden one girl gasped, ‘How dare he!’  Her friend immediately responded with, ‘Oh Whatsapp me what he said!’  To which the other girl replied a few seconds later, ‘Done.’

Why she couldn’t tell her friend know what he said in the first place I don’t know!  ‘But that is life’ as my dear old mum would say.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the girl who received her friend’s text, then promptly replied, ‘Oh I’ve found this, put that on Facebook, that’ll let people know how badly he treats you!’  Obviously the friend must have then text the image to her friend who was by now spitting feathers at her boyfriend, or maybe soon to be ex-boyfriend, when she looked up at her friend and said, ‘I’ve posted it, now lets see what his friends and family think of that.’

Of course her actions prompted a call from the, who I gather was the boyfriend, where they both had this amazing row, with colourful language and tears flowing thrown in for good measure.

So this sixty-something woman, me of course, is by now thinking and wishing these people who have these arguments on phones would do it on speaker.  After all, if we are forced to hear you yell down the phone like a screaming banshee we would definitely like to hear what the other side of the conversation, had to say.  It’s just not right, don’t call me nosy but I do like to hear both sides of the story.  So I have to ask myself why do people have to run their relationships by social media?

When me and him indoors have a ding-dong which is very rare, I don’t go running to Facebook and post these pictures up with words attached to them.  By all accounts, they are called MeMes.  I tell him straight to his face what I think.  Him-indoors has to lump it or like it.  Yes I use Facebook and Twitter, and I have shared the funny and comical MeMe’s.  But to conduct my marriage through Facebook, most definitely not.  This so reminds me of something that Princess Diana said about there being three in her relationship with Prince Charles, except this time it’s Me, him and Facebook.